Thursday, May 27, 2010

80's roller rink songs?

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this blog, be gentle with my first post.

Anyhow, I was just making a mix CD for my sister of the 20 greatest roller rink songs from our 80s youth and here's my playlist:

1. I love Rock-n-Roll (
2. Steppin' Out (
3. Photograph (
4. No one like you (
5. The Stroke (
6. Hurts so good (
7. Don't stop believing (
8. Jessie's Girl (
9. Pac Man fever (
10. Waiting for a girl like you (
11. We got the beat (
12. Private eyes (
13. Freeze frame (
14. Hungry like the wolf (
15. Hit me with your best shot (
16. All out of love (
17. You should hear how she talks about you
18. Another bites the dust (
19. Shake it up (
20. and of course...the Hokey Pokey! (

I did a little internet research before I began to make sure I wouldn't miss any gems and the abundance of hip hop/electro in the example playlist I found online surprised me.
I grew up in Salem and my roller rink experiences occurred there (and Eugene) from like 1980-83, so they played more rock and top 40, then underground electro/hip hop such as "Get down on it", "Set it off", "IOU", "Clear" and "Don't stop the rock"

I'm sure I left off a ton of classic roller skating tunes, so what are your 80s roller rink memories and experiences, incl songs?

BTW, check out this rad ole skool roller skating vid from CHIPS:



  2. Credit card baby by Wham. That song really takes me back to the roller rink.